The Meaning Behind the 

The O. is split into 3 key elements based on the core values of ONQOR Group. We believe any business can be successful with 2 key elements; high quality marketing & efficient systems. 

The O is split in two to symbolise the left and right hemispheres of the brain, showing focus on creativity & strategy. ONQOR bridges the gap between the two thought processes.

We use the “.” throughout our marketing to symbolise the fact that we deal in facts, and are data driven in our approach.

Our Founder

Joe Kaul founded ONQOR in 2017 with the core belief that any business can be made successful with 2 key elements; high quality marketing & efficient systems. By applying this principle to businesses, driving a consistent message & delivering consistent quality in a reliable way, Joe has seen up to 450% fiscal growth for clients year on year, and dramatic improvements in brand loyalty from employees and customers alike.

More About Joe

The Theatre References

Our Founder has a background in theatre, and learnt a lot of applicable disciplines from his experience in theatre. He believes that hard work, dedication, practice & effort are necessary skillsets in all cast members for them to work well together as a troupe. At ONQOR, we are a tight nit group of creatives, technology experts & strategists, all playing different roles, but are all play a fundamental part in the company.

We like to think of our clients as our audience. We are here to perform for you, and we always want you to be calling for an encore.

The Group.

ONQOR is divided into different elements as part of a group structure to provide the best quality service possible to our clients whilst perfecting processes within each element of the Group. This way, we can exercise the process of structuring projects in a more methodical way. 

The Group