Wellbeing In Our Workplace

Wellbeing & Workplace Performance work hand-in-hand.

We believe the team work better with a happy, healthy mind. That’s why we try take them out of the office – whether it be lunch, a walk or an outing. Just spending a short time away from the desk can have a positive impact on overall performance & staff morale.

We try to change up the scenery & have our weekly meetings in different spots (if it’s sunny we love to head up to the roof)! Friday afternoon roof meets almost always end with a cold beverage in hand.

Yes. We talk about wellbeing in the workplace a lot – so much so we wrote a blog about it

Here at ONQOR – we make sure we are taking time with the team to let off some steam! We took part in a Go-Karting Race for charity, how did we do? Find out in our blog.

The Grae Matta Foundation

ONQOR are proud to be members of the Grae Matta Foundation, a charitable organisation with the sole focus of improving attitudes around mental health in the workplace & education.

We operate an open door policy to everybody who needs to talk over a coffee, and are happy to be able to offer private professional medical advice as standard to all employees through our company health plan.