Alwin Ediagbonya

Alwin is ONQOR’s new animation lead, working on all things motion design and illustration in the ONQOR Media department. Originally from the Netherlands, Alwin studied for his BA in Animation in Norwich and has worked in the industry ever since. With an impressive portfolio of work, ranging from hand drawn illustrations to complex graphic animations, Alwin makes an excellent addition to our team! When he isn’t confusing people with his oddly American-sounding accent, Alwin enjoys honing his illustration skills, dabbling in music production and cooking up spicy meals. He is rarely seen on Zoom calls without a hot cuppa in hand and boasts an awesome collection of teas from all over the globe. The rest of the Troupe would describe Alwin as laid-back and easygoing, but when it comes to his work, he is anything but. Alwin’s perfectionist nature and dedication helps produce content that is innovative, exciting and wows the client.