Creative Director

Anna Louit

Ambitious, Creative and very much French, Anna joined the troupe as the Creative Director at its fresh start. On her spare time you can find her dreaming about her next adventure traveling from one country to another or you can find her cooking some French delicacy however, Anna became a scone lover when she moved here 4 years ago – Sounds Yummy! Our Frenchie always had this creative spark in her eyes and knew she had to make her way and career in the creative industry.

Her journey began in Paris where she graduated with a Graphic Design BA after 3 years. She studied the fundamentals about advertising AKA the relationship between Strategy & Design as well as Customer’s behaviour. She then moved to London to complete her Master’s in Art Direction and Creative thinking and hasn’t looked back since.

Always on the look for the latest creative trends and fascinated by the kind of campaign that makes you say ‘WOW’ out loud, she describes herself as being innovative, hardworking and strives to only deliver the best creative solution to clients. Throughout her experience Anna has proven and shown her ability to translate in the best creative way, some very strong concepts from Branding to Print as well as Digital design.

“Looking into the future of ONQOR, I have no doubt about it being successful, we are surrounded by super talented, hard working and passionate individuals within each department. As the head of design, I couldn’t be more proud to see my team growing, all having the same passion, merging design and challenges in order to deliver the best for our clients.”