Marketing Manager

Hannah Van't Hoff

Say hello to Hannah – she is our Marketing Manager at ONQOR Group & currently heads up the Marketing Department. A true organisation freak, Hannah makes sure everything runs smoothly in the office.

Forever passionately curious about consumer behaviour & the psychology behind digital marketing, she classes herself as a digital native & is totally immersed in social media. In her final year at university, she researched into Instagram’s ‘fitspiration’ images & the effect these have on women’s body-esteem. This, sparked her further interest into the role of social media in influencing consumer behaviour. Hannah is keen to dive deeper to understand this ever-evolving digital world, helping businesses to market themselves in the most efficient way.

She has an academic background in Psychology & applies a lot of her knowledge to the strategy & analytical side of Digital Marketing. She likes her job because it enables her to be both creative & write some damn good reports.

A bit of a dog-lover (…slight understatement there), Hannah is that person who greets every dog she sees around the office! Hey, if she’s smiling, we’re smiling!
Hannah is also a keen-traveller & is slowly ticking each country off her adventure list, she’s at 29/195 countries explored.