UI/UX Designer

Luke Bates

Luke is our UI / UX Designer at ONQOR Group. Luke realised at an early age that broadening personal experiences empowers us to empathise with and help others. This sparked his passion and further decisions to study how design can shape everyday experiences both through print and digital media. Having freelanced and completed an internship at a previous digital design agency, Luke has been searching for something he could really sink his teeth into.So, following on from graduating with a degree in Graphic Design at the University of Portsmouth, Luke found a home at ONQOR Group where work truly has become play.Inquisitive, proactive and focused on creating designs which users will find easy to use and pleasurable, Luke wants to provide valuable experiences to users that genuinely bring pleasure through creativity, consistency and simplicity.In his free time Luke is an avid runner and cooking fanatic although simultaneously combining the two always proves to be a bad experience. He’s in competition with some of the other members of the Troupe on fastest 5k, and is yet to meet his match.