Lead Developer

Marley Nicolson

Marley has spent 7 years in the industry starting his career as an Apprentice Developer & Designer. Over the years, he has worked in a number of Digital Marketing Agencies, for clients such as; Victoria House, Pho, Livia’s Kitchen, and Marriott Hotels.

As a full stack developer with a focus on front end technologies and methods paired with practical experience in web site and app design UI and UX, Marley has learned and developed a holistic view of digital product production with a key belief in simplicity, scalability, and ease of use for both the client and the user.

Development often seems alien even to others in a digital team. However, Marley believes development is like any other creative process whether it be design, photography or media. He says that developers aim to communicate using their given medium to create meaningful messages and experience. A designer might pick the height and shape of a tree, and the colour and shape of a leaf on that tree, but developers design the roots of the tree, how it grows, and the optimum root of the branches for those leaves so that the inter ecosystem of the tree can flourish.