Marketing Assistant

Piran Altun

Say hello to Piran, ONQOR’s newest Marketing Assistant. Piran joined ONQOR Group after graduating from CASS Business School. During her time at university, she developed a passion for Marketing as it allowed her to utilise and showcase her creative soul.

Piran focused her dissertation research around consumer behaviour; ‘To complain or not to complain? Influencing factors on the decision to complain and consequences from a consumer perspective’. She thoroughly conducted her research & found the psychology behind complaint behaviours very interesting!

Piran describes herself as fun, hardworking and curious. You will never find her in the same spot, Piran loves taking spontaneous long walks and finds joy in challenging herself each day to increase her step count (…GO ON P! We should take a leaf out of your book!).

With an Astrology obsession, in true Scorpio style, we’ve found out that Pasta is the way to Piran’s heart. However, the wrong pasta shape can send her in the other direction! Everyone has their own fears & phobias, right? This is

P’s.Like other member’s in the Troupe, Piran loves to travel! Will she organise the first ONQOR Holiday? We’ll run it past her.