Report a Grievance.Anonymously.

ONQOR is aiming to build a workplace for everyone, free from discrimination & bullying. However, sometimes things happen that we are not aware of. We have built this form as a way for staff & suppliers to submit comments or a formal grievance with complete discretion. We respect your privacy and want all ONQOR Troupe members to know we want to do everything we can to help you have the best working experience with us possible.

Report Grievance

Leave a Grievance Report

Choose to leave a grievance report based on an experience you have had in the workplace - you can do this anonymously or by leaving your information for a member of HR to be able to follow up on the grievance.

    You are not required to provide your name in this form, however, should you wish to leave your name so we can follow up with you, please feel free. All information in this form is exclusively accessible to the Human Resources team.