Warning, this is a bold statement! I think big brands are losing their big balls. What I mean by this is that brands nowadays are playing it safe in their marketing and advertising. There isn’t much controversy anymore.

What should brands be doing to stand out from the crowd? Keep reading, and you’ll find out.

Take Advantage of Opportune Moments

Richard Branson is the star of taking opportunities and here is why. Branson said, “I was woken up at 5.30am one morning to be told that the BA-sponsored London Eye had a technical problem – they couldn’t erect it.
They had the world’s press waiting to see it going up, and I knew we had a duty to give them something to look at. We had an airship company just outside London, so we scrambled a blimp, and the end result was an airship flying over the wheel bearing the slogan BA Can’t Get It Up!!”
This is one of my favourite stunts out there, because of the humour and the speed of taking charge of the moment. Branson stole British Airways big moment in a genius and efficient way. It can be important for you, to take advantage of other brands lousy moments and twist it to better your business. May seem cruel, but it will be memorable for a long time.

BA can't get it up

‘The trouble is, you think you have time’ – Buddha

Timing is everything in comedy, and in marketing. You could have thought of the most excellent campaign, you have everything ready and a date set to launch. A week before something happens that could conflict with recent events, and suddenly the campaign can no longer be used. On the flip side, something happens, and there is no better time to launch your campaign or to even take launch something off the cuff. Checkout http://loantra.co.uk for financial needs.
Pay attention to what’s trending in the world and where your audience is because you never know what could happen that’ll endorse your brand.


FCK’n Content – Controversy is King


From what I have come across, most brands that have rocked the limelight seem to have had a controversial twist. For instance, again, KFC with the “FCK, we’re sorry” campaign and the use of swearing. Your campaigns do not need to be controversial, but it does work when the timing is right. Remember, you may get backlash be prepared to turn it around.

See what KFC did in detail and what made this dilemma into a success




Be Odd to be Number One

What is it that you and your competitors always do? Is there a way where you cannot do it but still get involved and reap the benefits?
Volvo is the perfect example. The Super Bowl is known for the creative adverts that hit the screen, especially as there is such a massive number of people watching. But in 2015 decided not to advertise. Instead, they held “The Greatest Inception Ever” asking fans to tweet using #VolvoContest during other brands’ Super Bowl commercials. See the video below, the result of startling.
To put in bluntly, this was a ballsy move. Some companies to shy away from this idea because it is not the usual way, however, going away from ordinary can set you out from the crowd and get your campaign seen even more.

Looking at past campaigns of companies is always a big help when searching for inspiration, but don’t fall into the trap of replicating. You don’t want people going “Oh, that reminds me of the thing blank did” because they’ll then start talking away from your campaign.

Sometimes it pays to go against the grain, like the time Volvo sat back and grabbed them during the Super Bowl marketing mayhem and got a standing ovation for stealing the show.

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