Is 2019 the year for Greener Festivals? 

Here at ONQOR, we love a festival, whether it be food, music, arts, film or car (..the list is endless).

We are also all about working sustainably in the office, aiming to be PLASTIC-FREE by 2025!

Given the sunshine is out & festival season is in full swing, we wanted to investigate how sustainable festivals really are & whether they are making any progress in becoming plastic-free, greener festivals.

Are you planning to head to any festivals this summer?

Yes, the wellies are out & that beloved tent with holes in the floor is making its yearly appearance. If like me, you weren’t lucky enough to have a golden ticket for Glastonbury this year, we’ve had a weekend of scrolling through Instagram with festival-envy.

For those of us who are seasoned festival-goers, we have become accustomed to the build-up of plastic waste across the grounds and the awful reality we are met with on Monday morning. Not to mention the shocking aftermath pictures that are splashed across the news once we arrive home thinking it’s not our problem. However, our ignorance is coming to an end shown by a new Ticketmaster study, which found that two-thirds of us want to see festival waste reduced. Thus, increasing the pressure on businesses to find ways to become and encourage greater sustainability, not just festivals.

Will they finally become sustainable?

There has been growing discussions about the need for festivals to become more sustainable. Glastonbury announced in February that single-use plastic drink bottles would not be available to purchase this year and encouraged festival-goers to bring their own reusable water bottles. This has led to other large festival organisations to follow suit including Nation Live who have pledged to eliminate single-use plastics at its venues and festivals by 2021.

This means that you’ll be seeing a lot less plastic at UK festivals such as Reading, Latitude and Glastonbury.  David Attenborough, himself made a surprise visit at Glastonbury over the weekend to praise their new plastic-free approach.

Check out David Attenborough taking to the stage here.

Although, there’s still more to be done by accommodating greater access to recycling facilities. In my experience, I have spent hours over a festival weekend traipsing around for a bin let alone a recycling bin. Can you relate?

However, it cannot just be down to organisers, as festival-goers, we have a responsibility too (it must be a group effort). There are so many simple ways that we can improve our carbon footprint over a festival weekend!

Ways you can help?

  1. Ensure you bring your own reusable water bottle and cutlery. This will be needed at festivals like Glastonbury who are going single-use plastic-free but why not be ahead of the trend and do so at any festival you attend this year.
  2. Bring a durable tent with you this year and make sure your tent leaves the same time you do.
  3. Why not try out a stylish waterproof jacket rather than a plastic poncho.
  4. We are lucky to have great transport links in the UK, try using public transport. You might meet some new people!
  5. Most of us are aware of the damage of wet wipes, not as many know the danger of glitter to the environment. Still want to achieve that glitter look? Don’t fear, biodegradable glitter is here!

Any of you are lucky enough to escape the office & let your hair down at one of the UK’s Festivals this summer?