2021 Trends

An Emphasis On Sustainability

Did you know that 81% of consumers strongly feel that businesses should help improve the environment?

This number is not surprising at all. We have seen an enormous shift in brands moving towards a more sustainable and ethical future. They’ve started making a change by eliminating certain materials, redesigning their packaging, substituting recyclable elements and more.

Consumers are now actively seeking out brands that are more conscious and purpose-driven about the environment. Brands must reiterate their sustainability, and the little bit they are doing to contribute to a greener 2021.

An example of this is ‘The Ocean Cleanup’. In October 2020, they showcased their first product exclusively from recycled plastic, accumulated by the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

They used a UGC (TINT) to share the announcement with consumers. They outlined how the brand will continue to use recycled products from the ocean, to create stunning, sustainable products. Furthermore, The Ocean Clean Up reimburses the revenue, generated by this project, back into their cleanup campaign.


It’s exciting to see the shift businesses are making to be more sustainable, and with all of our collective efforts, we will contribute to a better world for future generations.