As you may have noticed, yesterday we saw a lot of strange statements being made by brands in celebration of April fools Day! But who was the front runner?!


McDonald’s went all out, all over the world this year! But, the campaign that got the most attraction was their sauce pots filled with milkshake.

Now if you’re like me and thought what on earth is going on here, then I’m sure you are thinking who would want this! HOWEVER, you would be surprised as after people found out this was for April fools, a petition on Facebook has started to make this PR stunt a reality.


Now we all know that men may exaggerate the truth about how tall they are…So, Tinder decided to resolve this issue with their height verification!


British Transport Police
Who hates the smell of Tuna?

Well, British Transport Police want to do something about this…

It’s great to see all types of businesses getting involved in utilising April fools day to optimise their social media.


Honda hit the mark with their April fools Day campaign which included four funny adverts – the best/ most relatable one had to be the ‘polite horn’.

We all know what its like to be stuck in traffic and being surrounded by annoying drivers, and this horn will prevent you from getting in an argument with other drivers!

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