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The Topic...

  • Equality (specifically, this blog touches on Gender Equality)
  • Inclusion

This blog explores the topic of creating a diverse & inclusive workplace & looks at women in the Digital Industry. We need to focus on creating more of a conversation around Women In Digital & encourage more young girls to overcome barriers to be the successful women they can be.

In the UK, the Tech sector is one of the fastest growing industries & yet women make up just 16.8% of the workforce.

Breaking These Barriers...


There are lots of networks out there, aimed at breaking the barriers.

I love this one quote from TLA Women In Tech:

“Being a leader of tomorrow requires the courage to act differently today.”

Organisations & Individuals need to be thinking & acting differently when it comes to achieving equality & inclusion in the workplace & society.

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Diversity Fuels Innovation...THEY NEED US!

Businesses need to employ different thinkers in order to succeed & grow. In a largely male-dominated industry such as Tech, organisations should be making a concerted & continuous effort to break down the barriers & encourage a more diverse workplace.

I attended a panel the other week about breaking barriers in Digital. There were some fantastic, inspirational female leaders there, sharing their stories on how they broke down barriers in their personal & professional lives.

Here are my top takeaways;

  • Ladies, as long as you can back up what your saying with evidence, it’s not bragging. I learnt about the ‘I AM REMARKABLE’ Google Initiative aimed at empowering women to celebrate achievements in the workplace & beyond. We are remarkable & we need to be talking more about what makes us remarkable, improving our self-promotion.
  • Don’t fit into the box. Be intersectional! In the growing industry, employers don’t want people to fit into a box, they want what’s outside the box, that person & their skills.
  • Be a leader.
  • Challenge the status quo.
  • Invest in yourself, immerse yourself, ‘I can do it’ attitude.

Sharing stories & advice like these female entrepreneurs did at the event is just one of the many ways we can work together to promote having a more diverse & equal industry.

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A Journey Rather Than A Destination...

Let’s not forget to celebrate the progress – we’ve come a long way when it comes to Equality & Inclusion in the workplace.

34% higher ROI for women-led tech companies (TLA Women In Tech)

But, there’s still a long way to go.

Encouraging the conversation around this constantly evolving topic is very important. Not to mention, A gender equal future for the Tech Industry will only happen if we educate the young girls & women about it being a suitable, possible & desirable career path for them. In turn, giving them every opportunity to explore their passions & potential.

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A Career In Digital?

There’s a cool skills test on the Digital Marketing Institute Website which is totally FREE.

Have a look at the test & see what skills you possess when it comes to Digital.

Don’t feel you have enough skills or experience?

Don’t worry – there’s so many resources out there for you to learn new skills & gain more experience to begin a career in the Digital Industry.