Technology is advancing by the second! But what does this mean for the way we work? Will we all start appearing in each other’s homes, when in fact we are a million miles away, or will we suddenly be able to fly? Who knows, but with the recent release of Microsoft’s HoloLens, appearing physically in an office in Japan, when you’re in fact in your home in London, is now easy!

In the past, Microsoft changed the way we all operate with the release of windows and now history could be repeating itself, with the launch of the HoloLens which some are saying is the workspace of the future! Using its new prototype environment ‘Spatial’ users can see employees from all over the world, share images, videos and work in unison.

Now, we all know that technology has revolutionised the way we work and live; consider computers, phones, washing machines and more. They allow us to lead easier and more efficient lives, and augmented reality is the next step in that journey.

But how will AR affect different industries?

Many industries realise how AR can improve their service, increase their customer’s overall experience and improve efficiency in the workplace.

With the decline of the high-street retailers, in particular, are trying to create a unique and valuable experience for their customers, with the aim of becoming a ‘destination’. In addition to this, AR is helping to improve the medical industry. This year CAE Healthcare is integrating Microsoft’s HoloLens into its training programs, allowing physicians to practice complex medical procedures in a 3D environment.

Want to see how AR could be implemented into your office? Watch the video below to find out more.