One thing we love to do at ONQOR is help businesses enhance their Social Media & Marketing Strategy. A big piece of that puzzle is creating a Content Strategy if you don’t have one – keep reading. If you do have one, still keep reading (you might pick up some tips)! Alternatively, head over to our other blog on ‘Creating Engaging Content’ to use in your Strategy.

Here, you’ll find our top tips for creating a shit-hot Content Strategy for your business.

Are you ready?

1 . Define your Business Goals

So before you begin, have a think & set out your business goals. The content you are creating needs to reflect those positive, precise goals. Ensuring your content is fulfilling a set business goal is so imperative to developing an effective content strategy. Let’s say, for example, that one of your goals is to become a master in your chosen field. This means that content needs to be created & include information which consumers won’t find anywhere else! You’ll need to be creating valuable content, recording live videos, podcasts & potentially hosting live events . Just some ideas!

2. Who is your Perfect Client / Market

This is a big one, but also a difficult one. You should be defining who it is that you are targeting, that ideal consumer. Age, Gender, values, fears, goals, budgets, job titles all come into play here. Dig deep, it won’t happen quickly. Defining your ideal client will enable you to decide WHAT content needs to be going out. What do they want to see, (idea: ASK THEM!) – get to know them, ask them what they want to see in your content. Tailoring content to a specific customer base is important, I’m not saying be a mind reader (if you are, amazing!). However, researching & observing your ideal client base will be beneficial for you when it comes to creating content.

3. Keep your Branding Consistent

Having a strong, stable (sorry..had to be done) grounding/base for your brand is key. You want the content you’re producing to come across as consistent, connected & ‘on-brand’. Don’t just think about colour, typography & graphic elements, branding extends to how your brand is perceived online. For example, the voice of the business, how you interact on social profiles & your online behaviour.

4. Competition – What are they doing?

Get searching & taking a peek at what your competitors are up to. Stay in the loop, but don’t overwhelm yourself when it comes to your competition, they shouldn’t be the only people you are following! My advice? Keep an eye on what is going on, although refrain from copying them. People are following & engaging with your content because they like it, don’t try to be something else. Build that relationship with consumers/clients authentically & ensure you are either educating, entertaining of sparking an emotional response.

So there you have it, ONQOR Top Tips for creating KILLER Content Marketing Strategy. Bear these 4 things in mind when brainstorming your Marketing & Social Media Content Strategy. 

Keen to start creating content? Let us help you, you can find out how to create engaging content in our next blog by clicking here!



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