What? How on earth has that happened. I just hit my seventh month working as Co-Head of Media at ONQOR Group, it’s safe to say that the time whizzed by! I thought it’d be a good time to properly introduce myself to our blog readers, but also, in the hopes of reaching any future potential employees in the depths of their research into ONQOR. If you’ve got this far, nice work! I plan to challenge myself to write more, so watch out for future blog content from me.

Dave: The 411

Let’s start from the beginning, shall we?! My name is David P. McEntee and I’m the Co-head Of Media here at ONQOR Group. I was the 7th person to join the team, woah 7th and I’m writing this in my 7th month (..new fave number maybe!?)

A Filmmaker From A Young Age

I’ve loved filmmaking for as long as I can remember. So naturally, a career as a Videographer was the right choice for me! I have a love and interest in all things visual. Whether it be a long-form advertisement, a snappy social media video or a posed photoshoot – I’m all over it!

Freelance Life

Before I joined ONQOR I worked primarily as a Freelance Videographer. I created pitch videos, social media content and short documentaries for the NSPCC, Hurr Collective, Backdrop Journal, and my old stomping grounds Winchester University. I also frequently worked on HE-TV sets (HBO & Sky) where I worked in the Assistant Director’s Department as a Lock Off & Crowd PA. For those of you who may be wondering what that is – it’s essentially the person who helps take care, organise and direct the extras you see in the background of wide shots in TV & Film.


You might think that sounds awesome, so why did I leave? Well, I left the freelance world in search of a creative team. I was keen to find a company where I could play an integral role in something that was bigger than just myself. For those of you freelancers out there, you’re amazing! It’s not to say I didn’t enjoy freelancing; however, I was primarily working alone without anyone to bounce creative ideas off. For me – THIS IS HARD, especially when those creativity juices just weren’t flowing. Not to mention the ‘utility-suite-turned-home-office’ I was spending most of my time editing in!

Joining The ONQOR Team

I applied, successfully interviewed and joined ONQOR Group in early March. Here, I was lucky enough to spend a whole three weeks in the Office before Covid-19 sent everyone back home for the foreseeable future. Although I am back in my ‘utility-suite-turned-home-office’ for now, it’s not all bad because I am now part of a growing, creative team.

Working From Home

At first, I was a little frustrated. Having just started my new job, I felt like I had ended up right back where I started (..clearly destined to stay in my stale soap smelling utility suite / home office). Although, what I quickly learned is that it’s not an office that makes a great working environment, it’s the people! Instead of being alone – I had other amazing individuals only a zoom call away. They too, were adapting to the same new working life, all of them ready at any moment to jump onto a virtual coffee call and figure it out the new way of operating together!


That was six months ago, and things are even stronger now.


Collaboratively running the Media Department with Isaac Hargreaves has been a joy. I love that we’re able to bounce ideas off each other and use both of our skillsets to tackle big projects and overcome any issue we face.


Never have I worked with so many professional, collaborative, funny, loving, creative and just frankly awesome people. ONQOR Group is a company where employee wellbeing is put before everything else. Everyone clearly loves their job and loves being part of our little (but growing) family.

Coronavirus Can’t Stop Us

The Media Department has thrived during these unprecedented times.


We’ve produced many videos during the lockdown period! We’ve shot, edited and released various campaigns, animated explainers, animated breakdown videos, social media videos and corporate content. We created a new investment video and photographed a wide range of subjects for our retail and corporate clients. We’re even starting up our own internal vlog and podcast again… so as you can tell – it’s been busy!


Keen to see the work we’ve done so far? Have a gander at our fresh, new media showreel, it’s a combination of projects that our department has produced. Editing all our work down to one minute was a real struggle as there’s so much to show!

If you or anyone you know is looking for Media Services – look no further, we’ve got you! Check out our service offering by clicking here. Anyway, let’s get back on task!

That’s It From Me!

I’ve written this blog because not only do I want to give Joe our CEO and the whole company a pat on the back for doing so well in the pandemic; but also, because I plan on being a much bigger contributor to our blog moving forwards!


I plan to write up media-focused advice articles, as well as more informal pieces where I go into detail about our processes and analyse our latest work. So, if you like that kind of thing – then be sure to keep an eye out for my next entries. Over and out!