So, We've All Heard About It - But What Actually Is It?

Email Marketing can generate new business, if it’s done correctly.

You need to make sure you’re focussing on some key things:

  • Open Rate – this is the percentage of prospects who open an email.
  • Response Rate – this is the percentage of prospects who respond to an email.
  • Conversion Rate – this is the percentage of responding prospects who subsequently buy off the back of the email sent.

Fun Fact (but you already knew this..) – It’s the Conversion Rate that’s the most important metric! Why? It’s how you make money.

Email Marketing Illustration

Let's Break It Down Into Some Do's & Dont's..

Download our in-depth ‘do’s & don’t’s’ when it comes to Email Marketing right here..


Tips for your next email?

  • Get permisson (even more so important with GDPR these days!)
  • Push out great content
  • Make sure they remember you
  • Make it easy to be a customer
  • Avoid the salesy sentences

In Short..

  1. Live by those Do’s & Don’ts
  2. Test & Repeat
  3. Always include CTA’s
  4. Ask for Feedback

Are you still confused?

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