Enhance Wellbeing in Small Businesses

As a small start-up company, we pride ourselves in ensuring employee wellbeing and morale is always at its best!

Mental Health & Wellbeing sit high up in Our Values at ONQOR – we wanted to share with you our Top Tips to encourage happy & productive people in your business.

Mental Health & Wellbeing

Since 2017, the conversation of mental health has continued to gather momentum with high profile campaigns, spearheaded by ambassadors including the young royals and increased media coverage during mental health week. However, there is still ground to be covered when trying to create the best working environment for team members to feel understood and secure. Mental Health remains a priority as at least one in four of us will experience some kind of mental health problem each year, causing 70 million working days to be lost in the UK according to Mind. Mental health can no longer be a hashtag but needs to be a wider movement and central to every workplace agenda.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are sometimes hesitant to take the initiative on mental health, leading them to fall behind big businesses on this critical issue.

However, we believe SMEs have the opportunity to lead the way with their advantages of smaller teams that can allow for a more open, friendly environment. A few small inexpensive changes can have a large impact on tackling the issues of mental health in the workplace.

Here at ONQOR, we continue to make mental health a priority through having an Open-Door Policy and being a member of The Grae Matta Foundation, that strives to improve mental health in the workplace and higher education.


Our Top Tips?

  • Building a Health and Wellbeing Strategy is fundamental, a recent study highlighted that eight out of ten UK SME businesses do not have a strategy in place. By creating a strategy, companies can lay out measurable objectives that suit their individual business needs.
  • Creating a supportive, proactive environment that engages in open conversations can lead to a reduction in sick days and staff turnover. Here at ONQOR, we have regular catch-ups with the boss man (Joe) and encourage open conversations in the office to ensure everyone is happy.
  • Training employees to watch out for signs of mental health problems such as accumulating sick days or a change in normal behaviour. A simple, ‘how’s it going?’ can open up a deeper conversation & create a supportive environment.
  • Encourage flexibility in the office – in our office we have flexible working hours, regular breaks and uptake of holiday allowance (not to mention…unlimited tea & coffee)! These are all simple ways of minimising work stress by allowing a greater work-life balance to maximise ONQOR’S creative individual’s potential.
  • Team lunches & outings – get yourself out of the office for a bit! The ONQOR Team took part in a Go-Karting Race at Buckmore Park for charity back in June which was a laugh!
  • ‘Healthy body leads to healthy mind’: this doesn’t have to mean on-site spin classes, it can simply be encouraging activities such as ‘walk and talk’, where meetings can be held on the go or on open green spaces. We aim to get out of the office to create new ideas for clients and brainstorm fresh thoughts. Our office is in the White Collar Factory, part of TOG (The Office Group) & has a super cool running track which we are able to use (I think Joe has made use of it) & they also provide classes, such as mindfulness & yoga (one of Hannah’s favourites).


What do you do to enhance wellbeing at work? Let us know!



Written by Maddie Wingate (Marketing Intern at ONQOR)