A Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

Last week, one of our clients’ Crowdfunding Campaign came to an official close. ONQOR Media partnered with ONQOR Marketing to create and run a 3-minute video ad which gave a short, snappy and creative overview of Actiph Water. This campaign was aimed at increasing brand awareness and interest in investing the brand, Actiph amassed over a whopping £1.1 million in investment – and we couldn’t be happier for them! Working with Actiph Water across various platforms and services including; content creation, social media management, paid social, website design and website development (to name a few!) it’s safe to say that ONQOR Group have made significant contributions to their crowdfunding success! However, in my opinion I think all of that work’s ultimate success comes down to one key element – our video.

Having a powerful crowdfunding video is pivotal to the success of any crowdfunding campaign. It’s the most effective way to generate interest, show off your key company members and best display the overall excitement for your company’s future development. This is why I thought it’d be useful to put together this blog outlining my TOP TIPS on why a crowdfunding video is essential. Have a read through, watch our creation, and let us know what you think! Maybe you know a Founder, Co-Founder, or business who could do with a video to showcase all the amazing things they are doing? Share this with them!

1. It's The Best Way To Introduce Yourself

Once you’ve done the friends and family seed investments, you’re then going to start looking to appeal to essentially strangers who can back your idea… and would you really expect strangers to give you money just on the basis of self-written article talking about your company…. NO!


Video is an engaging way to legitimise your pitch/product. It’s an opportunity to tell your brand’s story first-hand, get across your teams winning personalities, and hunger for success! In our modern-day era of consumer adoration for entrepreneurship; we celebrate the likes of Elon Musk, Gary Vaynerchuk and James Dyson – to the point of Beatless fandom. We love the thinkers, the doers, the innovators, creators and founders. So why not use your crowdfunding video as an opportunity to show that you’re the next big thing!

2. It’s How You Highlight The Development Process Already Conducted.

Possibly an extension of the previous point – it’s a great way to show off the work already put into the product / service / company!


Potential investors want to see PROOF of the work you’ve already put into your pitch/product, they want to see that you’ve already successfully self-funded the operation and are now looking into further expanding your output. They DO NOT want to see a pipe-dream idea that you only plan on actioning if there is money involved.


Investors want to see that you’ve worked hard to get your product created and refined. They want to see that you’ve already got skin in the game and are actually just looking to build on what you already have.


How did we do this for Actiph Water? We made sure to feature as many of Actiph’s current employees as possible in the video. This shows a certain amount of financial success from the offset. Even the small inclusions of the Actiph merch, Bottle bucket and Founders backstory images – they all further legitimise the pitch and tell their story. They help highlight that Actiph Water is already a developed and established company.

3. Without A Video, Potential Investors Might Struggle To Envision Your Target Audience Using The Product / Service!

Showing off your target audience in a video is SOOOO much easier than trying to describe one and leave it up to your potential investor to imagine. You want to make it as easy as possible for investors to visualise who would be using your product.


During production for the Actiph Crowdcube Campaign video, we spent a day running around the streets of London giving out free bottles of Actiph to members of the public. We filmed loads of people from various different backgrounds – drinking, discussing and enjoying Actiph Water.


This was very important, as it showcased how widely applicable the product is. Whether you’re a professional on a lunch break, an athlete or a mum looking for the third act of your healthy meal deal; Actiph is for you.


So, get out there and encourage people to interact with your product or take your service to its users and film their direct reactions/opinion on how amazing it is!

4. A Video Is Easily The Most Shareable Format Possible – Which Is Important In Our Internet Virality World.

Our world has become much more fast-paced, we have everything ‘right at our fingertips’ through a quick search online. We’ve seen attention spans drop as low as they’ve ever been, which has led to an adjustment in the nature of social media video content. Advertisers are providing short, snappy video content to engage audiences and capture the attention of the consumer. Adding a short video to your crowdfunding pitch helps to hook any potential investors interest quickly! It’s a great way to draw someone in, expose them to your company and then redirect them to further reading about the investment opportunity.


Another positive is that a video lives on! Outside of your GoFundMe/Kickstarter/Crowdcube pitch – the video can be hosted by YouTube or Vimeo – and be sent directly to private investors. It’s a standalone piece of content, but it can also sit as part of an email newsletter, on a website page and be run as a social media paid ad campaign.

So, What Next?

I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading this blog and have taken my top tips on board for why you NEED a video for your crowdfunding campaign.


If you’d like to find out more about our client’s Crowdcube Campaign you can by clicking HERE. That link will take you to the official Crowdcube page where you can see the final £1.1 million raised! If you have any questions regarding this campaign or want to produce your own, feel free to get in touch with myself via email or book in a phone call conversation HERE.


Finally, if you have any further comments, or extra ideas on why people NEED a video campaign – please comment below and let’s open up a discussion.