Growing your Brand on Instagram

I’ve seen it, you’ve seen, everybody has seen it! We have seen so many people spending hours on social media especially Instagram, trying to build and grow a following. Success on social seems to be determined by the amount of followers an individual or business has. There is a saying I came across that has stuck with me;

“Having loads of instagram followers is like having loads of monopoly money.”

These are all vanity metrics, that don’t necessarily equate to success & engagement online.

So if you’re trying everything under the sun to gain more followers and build your online presence on Instagram, here are a few steps in how you could do just that!

Define Your Audience on Instagram

Before you begin creating a post, have a think about the following:

  • Needs: What needs does my typical customer have?
  • Demographic: What does my typical customer look like?
  • Motivation: what motivates my typical customer?

By having a clearly defined target audience, you will be able to craft content that is more likely to resonate and engage them.


Firstly, begin posting on a regular basis. Be careful…It’s easy to get stuck in a loop producing the same content over and over. This will not be effective; your audience will get tired of it. Individuals are more likely to pause on, interact with and respond positively to posts on Instagram, including creatives that capture their attention by using high quality Images, GIFs or Videos.

WARNING! Avoid using blurry images, videos or posts that do not accurately reflect your brand message. Make sure posts are actionable. Try different tricks and tactics to grab the audiences attention, thus driving them to take action. This can be done by sharing articles and blogs from your website. It is vital to provide links in your CTA’s, this can be from your website link to your email sign-up form. You can also generate engagement by asking your audience to answer questions or provide their opinion in the comment section of your posts.

Define & Create A Unique Brand Personality on Instagram

Think of your business as a person. What would they be like or how would they sound? Would it come across as warm, fuzzy and friendly, or serious and professional.

Doing this will help you establish your brand personality, tone of voice & how you want the brand to be perceived. It will also allow you to reflect on core brand values and missions. Once you are sure of who you are, customers will feel more confident in your brand, and your personality will shine through in your content.

Create A Short List Of Content Ideas

Shortlist post ideas that your business can use on social media. Grab ideas from accounts you engage with and brands you aspire to be like.

Simple ways of creating engagement between your audience and your brand could be:

  • Running Contest Giveaways – this encourages more likes, comments and shares by announcing a giveaway that incentives audience participation.
  • Share Testimonials – isn’t it exciting when people say kind and uplifting words about your work? Make sure to send share some of these testimonials (in moderation)
  • Ask For Feedback – Asking for feedback generates can help you improve you business, products and services
  • Ask Questions – its so simple to start a dialogue  with your audience by asking them pointed questions e.g. how they are feeling that day or asking what’s their plan on the weekend.
  • Share Industry Updates – make sure to communicate to your audience that you don’t just care about promoting your business, but that you also care about keeping your audience informed on current topics.
  • Celebrate Special Days – National holidays trending on social media are opportunities for you to contribute to the celebration with a social post of your own. An example of this International pets day or women’s day are all lighthearted openings to celebrate common interests amongst your audience.

So there you have it, a simple guide in how you could grow your brand au natural. Your follower count won’t increase over night, but keeping your brand simple and consistent will help you get there eventually. Just remember, PATIENCE IS VIRTUE so keep going and engaging with your audience and I promise you will see results.