Adapting To The Current Situation.

As the world hits the pause button and brands continue to adapt and recalibrate their strategies, it is so important to remember that during these past few months in lockdown our consumers have also had to adapt to a “new normal”. Whether that be new ways of living, working, baking banana bread or becoming Tik Tok famous, lockdown life has given people more time for what matters to them.

During this global pandemic, ONQOR Group worked with Actiph Water to achieve their aim to increase Actiph’s target demographic, whilst also building brand recognition and awareness.

actiph water logo
onqor group logo

The Campaign.

In order to achieve Actiph’s campaign aim, ONQOR Group collaborated with Actiph Water and launched an Influencer Marketing Campaign with content creators to showcase moments that mattered to them during Lockdown. Actiph were keen to discover how their product has helped creators smash their goals and reach new heights.

ONQOR Group selected 10 creators with an overall audience size of 576,685. These carefully selected creators were from various industries including; models, athletes, photographers, chefs and lifestyle bloggers. The creators produced 12 original and captivating pieces of content from all over the UK.

The Content.

Content Created For Client Campaign
Campaign Content

The Results.

The Actiph campaign’s total audience was 623.75k and received 16.8k engagements, earning an average engagement rate of 3.1%. In addition, the campaign generated a total of 904 comments and shares, 20,668 video views and 15,194 likes across all 10 creators. This successful campaign highlighted the importance and health benefits of Actiph’s alkaline ionised water and built up the community of Actiphists.

The above images are a few of our favourite pieces of content from this campaign!

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