Last year it was reported that Facebook fundraised over £1 billion for various non-profit and personal causes! With such great results, it would be silly for Facebook not to integrate similar tools to other platforms like Instagram!

Just last week, Jane Manchun Wong, an App Researcher recently discovered a donation sticker being tested on her Instagram. The tool will allow users to add a sticker to their stories to promote and raise money for their cause.

The trail is promising news for all non-profits out there! With, Instagram stories recently hitting a milestone of 500 million daily active users, this tool could potentially help thousands, by providing non-profits with an entirely new platform for fundraising!

So, how does the sticker work?

It’s simple, you can search and choose a non-profit of your choice, attach the sticker to your story, and voilà people can click and donate!

Now, if you are running a non-profit and have a low following on social media but you want to utilise the new fundraising tool, you should consider contacting various influencers to support your cause. Influencers love to show off the charitable work that they do, and so a partnership would be mutually beneficial.

However, Instagram and Facebook both test new feature’s regularly, and not all of them make the final cut! So don’t plan to start investing all your fundraising efforts through stories.

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