Marketing Campaigns & FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019

Being a marketing agency ourselves here at ONQOR, we wanted to showcase some awesome campaigns we have seen recently.

Why focus on Women’s Football? WHY NOT!

Well, given the number of fantastic sporting championships showcased over the past few months, we were inspired to look into Sports Marketing & chose to focus on Women’s Football.

The change in Marketing Campaigns.

Over the past few years, we have seen a shift in brands attitudes towards female sports. They have moved from being hesitant to confident in showcasing the achievements of these fantastic women.

In the strive for gender equality, it is clear that we are past the days where women were simply being portrayed as housewives and mothers in adverts. But, how far has the sporting industry really come?

Let’s look specifically at Women’s Football & The FIFA Women’s World Cup. If someone asked me the first thing which comes into my head when they said, ‘women’s football’. I’d say, ‘Bend it like Beckham’ (come on you have to admit it’s a classic) and I definitely could not name a single player of the England Women’s Team. Could you?

The sponsorship of women’s football still has some growing to do – we know that. However, it is awesome to see brands attitudes changing, showcasing females in football & giving them more of the spotlight.

The narrative around women in sport has modernised, with an emphasis on empowerment & equality. We can see this narrative merging into advertisements & marketing campaigns from brands in the industry.

With brands increasingly acknowledging and accepting Women Sports – we wanted to take some time to appreciate the effective marketing campaigns & strategies aimed at changing attitudes towards Women’s Football.

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019 – Marketing Campaigns

Effective & powerful marketing campaigns have the ability to lead to cultural change and have an impact on lives. More to the point, empowering women to enter sports. For me, when I see any good female sports ad it’s the one thing that will encourage me to dust off my trainers & try to achieve a new personal best. This year FIFA Women’s World Cup will hopefully be a cultural revolution which will continue to change attitudes towards female football internationally, pushing a strong message of female empowerment and continuing to push for equality.

Given the number of viewers of Women’s Football is growing, companies have been fighting to create ‘killer’ marketing campaigns and sponsorship of the cup. Here are a few campaigns that have come out over the last few weeks that caught our attention;

The German Women’s World Cup Advert ‘we play for a nation that doesn’t even know our names’ is a must-watch. This is a powerful advert & creates a sense of humour attached to the sport which makes it more captivating.

BBC #CHANGETHEGAME campaign will report unrivalled amounts of female sport across the summer, such as the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Despite the USA beating the Netherlands 2-0 in the final a few weekends ago, it is clear to see that Nike has been the real winner in the FIFA Women’s World Cup. The Nike Ad ‘Dream Further’ has been a success, encouraging immense emotional engagement, which often creates longevity.

It is intensely inclusive & inspirational, incorporating international household names of women’s football into a young girl’s sports journey. This has continued in their increasingly politicised marketing strategies.

Girls, ‘Don’t change your dream, change the world’.

Although this Nike advertisement was awesome, we begin to question … is it really enough? It cannot simply be what a company SAYS, but rather what it DOES. Especially following their scandal in May, where the fact that they cut female athletes’ sponsorship during pregnancy came to light (this has since changed).

After all, actions speak louder than words, right?

Compare Nike to Barclays, who has been leading a grassroots campaign with their sponsorship of the FA and the lead partner of the FA Girls’ Football School Partnership, that increases the access of girls in schools to Football. In turn, potentially leading to a growth in the following & future broadcasting of Women’s Sport.

Time to get technical

We need to talk about the immense skill that these women possess to do what they do and not be afraid to do so (I know I couldn’t).  This will allow people to realise how powerful these female athletes are and hopefully enable greater crossover between women’s and men’s football.

Unlike men’s sports, the female sporting industry is less saturated. Brands who have adopted a fresh, new approach to sponsoring women’s sports are seeing the benefits. They are realising they can have a powerful impact and make a difference within the sporting industry.

The future of womens sport

In an industry, striving to become equal – we wonder what the future looks like for women’s sport. Should we be focussing more on the technical ability of these women to be viewed as athletes, analysed in the same way to their male counterparts?