Mental Health is super important – even more so in the workplace!

It was Mental Health Awareness Week back in May, although we try to champion Mental Health & Wellbeing all year round.

Recently, the ONQOR Team went Go-Karting for charity & to blow off some steam!

We finished up at work a little earlier & got the train down to Buckmore Park Race Track in Kent.


All kitted up & raring to get behind the wheel, Team ONQOR Winning Strategy discussed, we headed in for the Briefing.

TEAM NO. 12.

Post-briefing & Team number allocated, we each had a few warm-up laps. Did we really need them though?! Check us out – true racers!




Placing 21 out of 30 in the Line-Up, we weren’t going to let this dampen our spirits.

Given it was a 2-hour race, we had divided up the time between the three of us, including when & who would make a pit stop to fuel up (truth be told, we actually forgot about filling up altogether).


First up, the bossman himself.

How did you find it? Ahh I was in my element, it was great fun! All the more fun knowing all proceeds were going to good causes.

Had you done it before? Yes – absolutely love Go-Karting!

Confidence Level? 100!

Fastest lap? 52.8 secs

Placed us? 19/31, get in!


Ready & determined to push us up a few more places, Anna took to the track.

How did you find it? A little nervous to start with, there were a lot of people (Han & I were slightly outnumbered)! However, after the first few minutes, I was loving the feeling of being in control behind the wheel!

Fastest lap? I didn’t look, my guess is pretty fast though 😉

Placed us? Okay, so I dropped us a few places – a healthy 25/31! Still had time to turn this around.



Hannah was up next, no previous experience but positive vibes all round – we had faith in her to bring it home.

How did you find it? Really great fun, there’s a certain rush of adrenalin that pumps through your body out on the track. 

Fastest lap? …errr it’s the taking part that counts right?!

Placed us? There were some pretty brutal drivers out there, dropped us to 26/31. Sorry guys! Note to self: a future career in go-kart racing – negative. 



Overall, a fantastic evening out, team building & getting stuck-in to something other than work! Well done everyone – great work.

With Mental Health as one of our strong company values, we are trying to make Wellbeing Team Events a regular thing. Everyone works super hard here at ONQOR, long hours & although productivity is high (…maybe not so much on a Friday afternoon), taking time out to have some fun is great to improve team morale & productivity.

We are doing our bit to champion Mental Health in the office, currently brainstorming some activities for the future to keep our minds happy & healthy – any ideas?

Escape Room…Boxing Class…stay tuned!

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