The Power of a Personal Brand

As a Marketing & Tech Firm, we have our company brand & profiles – but what about our team? How do they present themselves? We encourage them to build their personal brands.

At the end of the day, all of us are salespeople. Whilst we are all busy convincing other humans of our ideas – our personal brand is the thing that most people will be looking at.

The people that work within a company are the most powerful marketing tools at your disposal for referral marketing.

Whether you are starting a business, establishing your thought leadership, or trying to get ahead in your career, it’s a great time to start investing in the brand of you.

A Personal Brand – What is it?

Essentially, it is your reputation. Guess what… your digital reputation matters.

Why is it so important to build a strong, personal brand?

  • It’s something we ourselves can influence
  • It is something which determines your success
  • You can convince other people of your ideas
  • It is the mechanism which allows you to communicate these ideas to the world

How to build yours?

  1. Work on your profile, ensuring it is optimised.
  2. Content, content, content – you need to be producing content to educate, entertain & inspire your audience.
  3. Engagement – this will help you generate a greater reach.

TIP: Try to put yourself in the shoes of your target market, do some keyword research.

What sort of content are we talking about?

  • Education
  • Inspiration
  • Entertainment
  • Storytell – think like a journalist, you want to ‘hook’ people in. For example, an emotion-triggering post with an anecdote at the beginning…draws people in, it is relatable, tends to spark empathy & encourages people to comment/interact with your post.

Where to build your personal brand?


LinkedIn is hot right now. 

We are seeing an increase in the engagement on LinkedIn content & professionals are pushing out valuable, insightful content.

You have the ability with this platform to engage in real conversations, showing people what you know.

So, optimise your profile & get active, engaging with other content as well as creating your own – go on!


Recently, there has been a decline in engagement on the platform. There are many reasons behind this – head over to our Topic Tuesday Post about this to find out more.

The lack of authentic content & over-saturation of posts selling a service or product might lead you to think that building your personal brand on this platform is a no-go?

Well – I’d say have both! As long as you are pushing out content which educates, inspires or entertains your audience, then the lack of engagement on the platform shouldn’t worry you.

Have a think about your content strategy!

I don’t need a mentor?!

One key to success is continuous learning. Let’s face it, even the smartest people in the world can become smarter & more skilled in certain things!

Okay, maybe I do.

Find yourself a mentor, communicate & learn from them. In turn, you will grow & develop that personal brand of yours.

You can find out how they became a success, or how they view the world. You can then use the strategies they adopted to build & develop your own success.

Top Takeaway

If you take one this from this blog post – let it be this…


You are the only version of you, make sure you are yourself when pushing your personal brand out there.


You need to define yourself from the rest of your competition. ASK YOURSELF: What makes you different?

You need to embrace your differences to intrigue & interest others in a positive way.

Check out some of the fantastic team we have working at ONQOR Group & how they are showcasing their personal brands on LinkedIn.