Now I’m sure you can agree that it seems like everyone is starting up a podcast, BUT that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t!

Podcasting is an incredibly unique tool where you don’t have to worry about the constraints and uncertainty of being within an algorithm. Now the issue with battling an algorithm on platforms like Instagram is that you don’t own your audience, whereas this doesn’t happen on podcasting platforms.

Why is podcasting so popular?

Podcasting steps outside of the ‘box’ of normal content, instead of being 30 seconds its half hour to an hour of someone’s undivided attention! The power of a podcast is incredible when you ask someone what the last social media post you liked is, I’m sure they won’t be able to remember, BUT if you ask someone whats the last podcast that they listened to 9 times out of 10 they will be able to recall.

Now, don’t start thinking well everyone is starting a podcast I’m too late…AS THIS IS AN INCORRECT ASSUMPTION! To expand on that for you, there’re currently 1 billion channels on YouTube yet only 500,000 podcasts… so are you still thinking there isn’t space in the market for you?

So, how do you start a podcast?

  1. Correct equipment – Having the proper equipment is essential; however, you don’t need to spend thousands of pounds on it! Focus on getting whats NEEDED – mic, headphones, editing equipment and your podcast hosting account. However, one thing you really shouldn’t cut corners on is your mic, make sure the audio doesn’t lag, and no odd noises appear throughout your recording.

  2. Clear direction – focus on the content, not money – When starting your podcast, you must establish your niche, what makes you different from others? No one wants to listen to the same old content being pushed about by a different person, find something that you have interest in and do it your way!

    At the start, don’t focus on making your podcast about your sponsors to get money in the bank as people wont respond well to this – its annoying when you start listening to something and the host goes ‘im going to talk a moment about our sponsor’ your audience will just switch off, after all people don’t pay for Spotify premium to listen to ads on a podcast!

  3. Be authentic – 2019 is the year of boycotting fake news, fake content and pointless waffle; people want the REAL you as that’s what they will invest in!

    REMEMBER PEOPLE INVEST IN PEOPLE NOT ROBOTS. Don’t act a certain way thinking it will gain you more listeners as soon enough you won’t be able to hold up an ‘act’, and you will come into a sticky situation where your content isn’t consistent, and your audience isn’t suited to you.

  4. Set a time and stick to it – Finally, set a time and STICK TO IT! Inconsistency isn’t attractive to listeners and if you keep promising to post a podcast every Tuesday but it doesn’t go up till Friday, your listeners will be disappointed, and your content will lose its value.

    You want to build a community of loyal listeners so don’t lie, always be honest if you can’t post the following week – TELL THEM, they will value the fact you’re being honest more than not being told at all.