6 Reasons Why You Need a Social Media Strategy

Social media use from a personal standpoint can be spontaneous and free, however, if your intention is to build your brand or business, a defined strategy is needed. Without one, you will be posting with no direction and as a result, gain little to no return on your efforts.

Let’s break down the reasons why having a social media strategy is key for your business or brand.

1. It Helps To Build An Online Presence

Creating a social media strategy will help you to build a strong, organic online presence. It will enable you to plan, and schedule your content in advance, which in turn will help you maintain consistency. Lack of consistency is one of the main reasons social media accounts stop growing.

2. To Make Sure You Are Reaching Your Goals

Having a strategy in place will ensure that your social media efforts are working to support your wider business goals. Once your goals are outlined, you can work backward to create posts that reinforce them. It is also important to include social media goals so that you can track them and see if your work is paying off.

3. To Effectively Engage With Your Audience

Your social media strategy can help plan how to best engage with your audience. Setting an objective to utilise social media features such as polls and open-ended questions, helps to highlight your audience’s pain points, and from there you can figure out how to provide value to solve them.

4. To Create Better Content And Enhance Creativity

A social media strategy highlights the content, methods, and mediums that are working well for your business as well as the ones that are not. Aligning your strategy with your business goals will help to create content that resonates with your audience.

It gives you a chance to get creative with social posts and refine the quality of your content. From here, you can explore the dynamic tools social media has to offer such as live videos, stories, and reels.

5. To Stay Ahead Of The Competition

It is important to stand out within your niche. Once your content and goals are planned, you can focus your attention on analysing what’s working. Starting off with developing your brand story/voice, and establishing the look and feel of your accounts, all whilst remaining consistent and providing value to your audience.

6. Organic vs. Paid Social

With your organic social media marketing, you’ll only reach followers and their friends/network, or users under hashtags where your post is trending (however, this can be competitive!). Alongside your organic social growth, you can also pay for views, actions, and clicks. Through Paid Social Advertising you can reach anyone, the targeting capabilities are endless which allows you to really double down on your target audience.


Social Media Marketing can help your business generate more sales, add value to your brand, and improve your marketing efforts. What are you waiting for? Let’s avoid leaving our accounts for weeks with no updates or stressing at the last minute to get in a post.

There are so many benefits to creating and sticking to a social media strategy. Hopefully, this blog post can motivate you to begin yours. Contact us today and get access to social media strategy templates, social media content strategies and more!