It's happening...

In a time where streaming is so accessible and affordable, you’d think an issue with piracy would be non-existent. However, in 2018, piracy websites received a shocking 190 billion visits.

Everyone does it, but what is it?

Piracy is the illegal reproduction and sharing of information on the internet, such as music or software. Remember that super-dark & fast-paced advert that was played before a film when video tapes were still a thing… that was about piracy!

Now, let's define streaming!

Streaming, in the media sense, is multimedia that is delivered by a provider to a user with constant access to content.  Some of the most popular services used today are; Netflix, Amazon Prime and Spotify.

Streaming is so accessible though, so why is piracy still an issue?

Each streaming service costs between £10-15 a month and all have exclusive content that the other won’t.  So, you can actually end up spending a small fortune on streaming services. Also, most media providers now have their own streaming platforms which require a subscription. Customers now find themselves confused and conflicted between which service to choose. Does this dilemma sound familiar to you?

However, there is a way to access all the content you could ever want without breaking the bank…& that’s piracy.

The media industry has tackled the piracy issue before, so surely they can beat it again, right?

The most important thing to note here, is that piracy never really went away, it just got smarter.

Individuals noticed the consumers frustration with exclusive content & created illegal streaming services which offer all content to its users, exclusive or not.

If the amount of services on offer keeps increasing at the rate it is now, more people will eventually be forced back down the road of piracy as a result of not knowing the best service to invest their money into.

The most effective way to tackle piracy is to offer cheaper alternatives and to get rid of exclusive content.