Why You Should Consider E-Commerce For Your Brand

As we all have noticed in the last few years, e-commerce has been on the rise. What we didn’t expect, is a pandemic that would accelerate the shift to e-commerce by 5 years.

E-shopping = endless choice. There’s no limit to the choice of inventory of items online. Consumers believe they have access & can purchase anything they want online, even things they may not think they want or need. As restrictions have lifted, people are reluctant to go out, which means categories such as fashion, medical, food and travel have seen an increase in online sales.

Where are consumers shopping online? Mobile, but most would rather search & BUY from desktop. The bigger experience is still valued by consumers. So brands products / services need to be available online & hot on their responsive design.

Trends You Should Be Aware Of;

  • E-commerce helps brands to capture specific data, where traditional retail is quite limiting.
  • Tactics for replenishment is key, do you have a good system in place?
  • Buyers assurance is critical for categories where customers would usually try or test.
  • Accessibility and easy navigation on desktop and mobile devices is important!
  • Products being all in one place is valuable to consumers and makes it easier to shop.
  • Disloyalty is the new trend but this can be a good thing for smaller brands, it’s your opportunity to shine!

Browsing & Learning About New Products

After retailer websites, social media platforms are where most consumers browse and learn about new products. Brands can sell direct to consumer via social media, for example Instagram, consumers can click & buy using the functionality on the app platform. As such, companies should be looking to develop their social media strategies, encouraging people to ‘swipe up’ as opposed to ‘visit our site’.

Shopping Features On Social;

  • Instagram/Facebook shop. 
  • Order food button/ sticker – Instagram.
  • Swipe up (Link to your website) – Instagram.
  • Instagram checkout.
  • Shoppable social ads on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.
  • Youtube merchandise shelf.

E-shopping will continue to accelerate post-pandemic, making it vital for brands to make their service available online. With the potential of a second-wave and second lockdown, e-consumers are here to stay! Will this be the end of physical stores?


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