Only three months into 2019 and Apple isn’t paying around…Yesterday they finally announced just some of what is to come from Apple this year!

Where do we start?!

Apple News

Apple has updated, Apple news to allow users access to 300 magazines! Users can sign up for a $9.99 monthly subscription in order to gain access online and offline to the latest newspapers and magazines!

A great feature Apple has introduced is their ‘Live Covers’, Apple has decided to animate their magazine covers to give a more interactive look and feel! Underneath each cover, will be a blurb and recommended stories within the magazine!

Apple Card

Now, this is something new for Apple! It seems that they’re following in Amazon’s footsteps and branching out into the credit card world! However, unlike regular credit cards, an Apple card doesn’t have a credit card number, CVV, signature or an expiration date! Also, another difference is that you can apply for the card directly on your iPhone and once you’ve been approved it stores digitally in your wallet, where you can view your statements, balance and when bills are due!

Apple Arcade

Now, not long after Google’s Stadia announcement, Apple has said their plans to dominate the gaming world with their subscription service, which will allow users to play games through the App Store! They have not yet released how much this subscription service will cost; however, they have announced the service with provide users with access to more than 100 games and in addition to this the user can play games across all Apple devices!

Apple TV channels

Apple has been updating their TV service, but providing users with access to more channels including CBS, HBO and Showtime! Now, Apple has changed the way that users access and watch tv, instead of paying for a bulk package you select what channels you wish to subscribe to and pay per channel.

It has not been confirmed; what the prices will be however it has been said it is more cost effective than buying bulk packages.

Watch the video below to find out more!