Say Hello To Our Newbies at ONQOR

It’s a Sunday night and you are starting work at your new job in the morning. It might be a new job, your dream job or just a job to help pay the bills until something better comes along your way. There is no doubt that starting a new job is exciting but no matter what type of job it is, chances are, you’ll be a little nervous.

At ONQOR we try our best to provide a smooth on boarding process (EVEN IF IT IS THROUGH A ZOOM MEETING…WE BLAME CORONA). Wait…why are we doing the talking (or typing rather), let us introduce you to the fresh, cool additions to our ONQOR Team and they can tell you how they have found starting a new role in a new company.

Alwin x ONQOR..

It’s been an honour getting to establish the animation division in ONQOR’s Media Department. Not only is this a great opportunity to help shape the department, but working alongside such a diverse & devoted team also helps bring the best work out of you. More beneficially, it allows me to leverage result-driven marketing to back up creative choices in order to get the best of both worlds.

My first month has flown by and I can’t wait to find out where the next couple of months will take us.

Fun Fact? I’m huge dog lover & used to do agility. My stepdad is an agility trainer and used to compete in crufts (he even came second once!). Before I left to go to university, we had five dogs. One them was on The One Show for an episode & one was a model when he was a pup; on the front of postcards etc.

Alwin Ediagbonya | Animator | ONQOR Group Portrait Photo
Tashana Nelson | Marketing Assistant | ONQOR Group Portrait Photo

Say hello to Tash...

It has been a pleasure working in the marketing team at ONQOR Group. I’m surrounded by a team full of young, talented & inspirational people & it is an environment where I can push myself to be the best I can be. I’m looking forward to the coming months & seeing how I progress & gain confidence as a digital marketer.

My first month has been great! I’ve been welcomed to the team with open arms & learned so much.

Fun Fact? I love street dance! I was part of three different dance companies when I was younger & loved the end of term performances. You may catch me watching dance videos every now and then. I also love to travel to different countries (GOAL: at least 2 per year!) and have formed a collection of shot glasses as souvenirs.

ONQOR introducing Marley...

Working with ONQOR provides the opportunity to work with aspirational young professionals, creating a culture of understanding & support to get the best job done. I always look for a good culture fit as it makes a massive difference to the team. ONQOR Group is adaptive and provides the space for every individual in the company to make real change, both in the company’s growth and their career. This is important as ten brains can do far more than one!

A concern I had about starting a new job during lockdown was that it would be tricky to get to know everyone, but this definitely wasn’t the case. We have a casual coffee call every day with everyone in the team which means there’s more than enough opportunities to get to know people, just like you would in an office, plus everyone is super nice.

Did you know I’m hyper-flexible? I can pretty much tie my self in knots. Fun fact from me!

Marley Nicholson | Head of DevHub | ONQOR Group Portrait Photo
Piran Altun | Marketing Assistant | ONQOR Group Portrait Photo

Meet P!

My first month at ONQOR has been very delightful. All members of the team have made me feel very welcome and at home, almost as if I’ve been here from the very beginning.

I have been thrown into the deep-end in the Marketing Team, and have been given the opportunity to put theory into practice working on current projects. The learning and development here at ONQOR is endless, we get 8 hours a month to learn and develop our knowledge (within working hours!). I am very excited to be part of such a diverse and talented team, hence helping myself grow and succeed within my role.

Fun fact? I’m a huge astrology enthusiast and love anything spiritual (A true Scorpio…to a T). Want to call out for spirits, I’m your girl!!


It’s fair to say that it is NORMAL to feel nervous starting a new job! Although our newbies have all settled very well and have found their feet within the business.! Our advice for anyone starting a new role? Take it easy and try not to over stress. Every individual is different and will find a way to ease themselves into their new job.

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