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Develop Custom Applications, Websites, Software & Integrations.

ONQOR Web Development is the tech heart of our business.

Unique businesses deserve unique systems, this is where our web development team gets really inventive. We deliver outstanding custom-built apps, platforms and software to augment your business processes, helping you to do what you do, faster, better, and safer.

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App Development

Content Management Systems

Custom Software

E-Commerce Development

Application Integrations

Website Development

Website Development

Building your company website using good coding & development practices is integral to its longterm success & visibility.

ONQOR Group has a long history of developing websites on a variety of platforms to suit client requirements, with scalability in mind. We use Google Cloud Platform for hosting all scaling applications & are intensely focused on the security protocols on all sites we develop to help prevent hacking/ compromise of the site.

Find out more about our history of web development & how we can help scale your business online in a meaningful & managed way.

Content Management Systems

We develop using a variety of content management systems to suit the needs of the client. We are well versed in development on WordPress, which is a highly scalable & widely applicable solution for most businesses. In addition to WordPress, we are also able to develop into CMS’s such as Subrion, Django CMS for python applications, Craft CMS and many more.

We believe in providing suitable solutions for each client with the future & scalability in mind. As such, our recommendations depend on the client requirements.

Custom Software Development

Within all businesses there are daily tasks and processes. They’re often dull and labour intensive, and if you tallied the hours spent each week then, well, you’d probably wish you hadn’t!

Investing in custom automation processes for your business reduces errors and improves efficiency and scalability. It usually stands as good as a long-term investment that you can make.

ONQOR develops custom solutions to help free up your time, so you can focus on business development or (innovation or the more interesting tasks on your to-do list).

E-Commerce Websites

If you’re selling products or services online, you need an ecommerce site that is designed first and foremost to process orders, accept payments, manage shipping and logistics, and provide customer service. If this isn’t the primary purpose of your site, there will always be somebody else doing it better.

ONQOR Development are Shopify Partners. That means as well as building high-quality ecommerce solutions on this robust platform, we develop custom integrations and applications to further your growth and service offerings.


Connecting applications can drastically improve your data and information resources. It can deliver greater insights and help you to offer more personalisation, from your marketing to your UX.

ONQOR Development have produced custom integration solutions to facilitate membership portals, financial model integrations, financial forecasting and more.

Discover how you could take your business processes and insights to the next level, with API integrations.

App Development

Many brands (and governments) often stub their toe when it comes to apps.

But there are many reasons to go down this route. Natively embedding content on your customer’s device enables great customer service, faster load times, higher click-through rate and a stronger brand presence. Designed correctly it can give you a real competitive edge. 

ONQOR web development can help you to realise these outcomes, whether it be OS/Android or web applications. But as marketing and UI/UX experts, we can also work with you to make sure that you’re doing it correctly, and your toes remain safely unstubbed.