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Develop Custom Applications, Websites, Software & Integrations.

ONQOR DevHub is the tech heart of our business. Fulfilling all development requirements from WordPress website development through to JDBC OAuth financial model integrations for multinational companies - ONQOR DevHub is able to optimise your business processes in a cost effective & quality way.

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App Development

Content Management Systems

Custom Software

E-Commerce Development

Application Integrations

Website Development

Website Development

Building your company website using good coding & development practices is integral to its longterm success & visibility.

ONQOR Group has a long history of developing websites on a variety of platforms to suit client requirements, with scalability in mind. We use Google Cloud Platform for hosting all scaling applications & are intensely focused on the security protocols on all sites we develop to help prevent hacking/ compromise of the site.

Find out more about our history of web development & how we can help scale your business online in a meaningful & managed way.

Content Management Systems

We develop using a variety of content management systems to suit the needs of the client. We are well versed in development on WordPress, which is a highly scalable & widely applicable solution for most businesses. In addition to WordPress, we are also able to develop into CMS’s such as Subrion, Django CMS for python applications, Craft CMS and many more.

ONQOR Group believes in providing suitable solutions for each client with the future & scalability in mind. As such, our recommendations depend on the client requirements.

Custom Software Development

Managing your business can be a stressful & labour intensive process. However within most, if not all, business there are a number of processes that are carried out every day that are repeatable. Investing in custom automation processes for your business improves efficiency, profitability & scalability and stands as a long term investment.

ONQOR Group are able to develop custom solutions for your business to help you free up time to focus on business development & innovation.

E-Commerce Websites

Selling products or services online is so essential to so many companies, and for some it is their entire business.

ONQOR DevHub are proud to be Shopify Partners, and are able to implement quality e-commerce solutions for all businesses in this robust platform, developing custom integrations & applications as required to further the growth of the business & the service offering provided to customers on the site.

Find out more about how we build E-Commerce websites for businesses & how you could benefit from having a custom e-commerce website for your business.


Connecting one application to another can provide your business with some amazing insights, or even take your business processes to the next level.

ONQOR DevHub have produced custom integration solutions to facilitate membership portals, financial model integrations, financial forecasting & much more.

Discover how you could take your business processes & insights to the next level with API integrations.

App Development

Having an app for your business enables you to natively embed content in your users devices, meaning faster load times, higher click-through rate & stronger brand presence. It can also enable you to provide a better service to your clients, & give them confidence in your brand and service offering.

Find out how your business could benefit from having iOS/Android, or web applications & how ONQOR DevHub can help you realise those solutions.