Digital Punchcard flokUK | ONQOR

How It Works

Create your digital punch card

Spend two minutes with our app wizard to create a custom punch card for your business. Just choose how many punches should complete the card and enter a reward.

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Loyalty Points flokUK | ONQOR

How It Works

Design your loyalty club

Look stunning on the flok app. Pick a color, upload a logo and customize your cover photo. Or simply enter your business name and our app wizard will design it for you.

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Social Platform flokUK | ONQOR

How It Works

Launch it on the flok app

Once you’ve launched your loyalty program on the flok app, customers can find you, join your club and start getting punches. Just pick a plan that works for your business and try it free for 7 days. No hassle, no commitment.

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Customer Aquisition flokUK | ONQOR

How It Works

Share it in a few clicks

Spread the word about your killer new loyalty program. Share it on Facebook, send an email, print out a poster and more, straight from the flok dashboard

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Chatting With Customers flokUk | ONQOR

How IT Works

Get customers back in your door

The flok dashboard makes it easy to create rewards, send push notifications, and manage your digital punch card, to bring customers back to your business

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The Beacon Device flokUK | ONQOR

How It Works

Reach customers with 0 clicks

Use the flok beacon to message your customers every time they walk in. Say hi using push notifications or try our unique customer chatbot feature. It’s hands-free engagement, because we know how busy you are.

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The Beacon Device flokUK | ONQOR

How It Works

Track your program's success

Find out what works and what doesn’t. Track the success of your loyalty club, repeat successful campaigns, and generate more revenue for your business.

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