Grow Recurring Business using Targetted Email Campaigns

Email marketing, when executed correctly, can be incredibly successful.

With a 32X return on investment from email marketing*, especially for ecommerce businesses, it plays a vital role in the long term growth & maintenance of most businesses.

This return on investment can be optimised even further by creatively capturing the audiences attention & using techniques to encourage higher action completions.

Data informs every decision to ensure you are reaching the right people, with the right content at the right time of day. Whether it’s designing email templates or defining a way to capture leads, ONQOR Group is at hand every step of the way.

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Email Marketing Packages

Retain & Grow Existing Client Spend Per Capita.

Email marketing is a technique that still harnesses strong return on investment when executed correctly. However, with new data compliance regulations & other marketing solutions being focussed on as core strategies, email marketing & client retention is going to the wayside. Luckily we have 3 clear plans for our clients to work with.

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Small Business

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Growing Online

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Large Online Business

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