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Animation can explain whatever the mind of man can conceive

- Walt Disney

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What is the Benefit of Animation for Business?

Animation can explain a topic, tell a story, and achieve the impossible, all whilst being very real.

When used correctly, animation can be one of the best tools a business can use to engage its audience & convey a meaningful message, or explain a complicated topic.

ONQOR Media produce animations from logo animations to stop-motion animations depending on our clients requirements.

What Is The Effect On Your Marketing Effort?

It increases brand authenticity.

It shows your brand as credible & trustworthy.

It works wonders for your SEO (as long as it’s optimised correctly). Find out more about SEO by clicking here.

The is higher engagement on social platforms for video content than static content.

Rentention rates are higher for video content.

Video gives your business the ability to develop deeper emotional connections with audiences. Just like emotional branding is important, establishing emotional connections with viewers of your videos is too!

Interested in learning more about psychology in branding, find out more about it on our blog!

Stats & Facts

“Videos have become powerful tools for brands looking to communicate more easily with their readers” (Hubspot, 2019)

“63% of marketers use video in their Social Media Marketing” (Social Media Examiner Report)

“Consumers are 64-85% more likely to purchase a product or service which has a video representation”

We can help.

ONQOR Media provides videography services to help you create videos about what you do.
Focussing on your target audience & ensuring they stay engaged whilst watching your content. It will showcase your brand at its best.

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The Future Of Video?

We chatted to some of our clients about the future of video – hear what they had to say on Episode 12 of The Show with ONQOR Group.

The Future of Video with Habitual Media & London Filmed

Our Process

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We will get to know your brand a bit more, we will understand your values, talk through your brand’s ethos but also the message you want to communicate.


Our creative team will then develop creative strategy for your brand which will include your tone of voice, mission statement, the colour palette and also the typography your brand will then use all the time.

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Production ofVideo

We will start working on the creation of your brand’s logo as well as the additional assets such as graphics or iconography and we will put everything together to create your brand guidelines.


We will have a final meeting with you explaining our ideas and presenting the final project.


Every Brand should have high-quality video to impress their audiences!

We can help you get creatvie with creating videography content for your business.

Let’s jump on a call to discuss your needs.

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