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Media Planning is not what it once was...

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Do I Really Need A Media Plan?

The evolution of digital media planning calls for us to have a greater understanding of consumer behaviours, but also the key attitudes & perceptions that drive them. Great marketing relies on developing a great plan or strategy, & then having the guts to stick to it. Throughout the briefing, planning & activation stages, effective communications management starts with a deeper understanding of your audience & their consumption habits.

So, now we’ve convinced you that you need a media plan…guess what?!

Here at ONQOR Group we can help you determine the best way to convey a message to your target audience through the use of media at the lowest cost. Get in touch with a member of the team by clicking the button below.

Our Process

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We will get to know your brand a bit more, we will understand your values, talk through your brand’s ethos but also the message you want to communicate.


Strategy Plan development

Our creative team will then develop creative strategy for your brand which will include your tone of voice, mission statement, the colour palette and also the typography your brand will then use all the time.

Implementationof plan

We will start working on the creation of your brand’s logo as well as the additional assets such as graphics or iconography and we will put everything together to create your brand guidelines.

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Evaluation & Followup Meeting

We will have a final meeting with you explaining our ideas and presenting the final project.


We tailor media planning curation & creation specifically to your business – if you’re keen to find out more about how ONQOR Group can help you, book in a call.