What is the O.TRIE Method?

O.TRIE Method

Make the Most of Your Marketing Budget with the O.TRIE Method

The O.TRIE Method is a process we developed internally to maximise return on investment & minimise risk in the advertising space, by testing market reactions before fully launching campaign strategies. The O.TRIE Method stands for Test, Repeat, Inspect, Execute & is a process which underpins the strategies we create for clients & ourselves. You can download a copy below, alternatively, scroll further down the page to find out a bit more about what the O.TRIE Method means.

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1. Test

Take the top 3 campaigns from the brainstorm session, and run tests on them, outlining the hypothesis in as mcuh detail as possible using all data available. If there is no data available, make educated assumptions.

2. Repeat

Review the results of the campaigns. Adjust the content and budget applied to the campaign to test the campaigns again in different conditions. Repeat the test phase again for the same duration with the adjustments you have chosen.

3. Inspect

Spend 1-2 days assessing the data collected from all the campaigns rom phase 1 and 2. In this time you should pick the most viable campaign to attain your target goal, and prepare to double down for the final phase.

4. Execute

At this stage, the campaign should be executed aggressively with all remaining budget for the campaign being spent in accordance with the data collected from the smaller previous samples to maximise return on investment & impact.