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Win Over Your Audience & Change Their Lives Through Your Marketing with ONQOR

We work closely with ONQOR Design & ONQOR Media pulling together the best of the best to market your production & wow your audience.

The focus is on your customers, with the main aim being establishing relationships with your audience & fulfilling their needs.

Developing the most impressive campaigns depends entirely on where your target audience & customers spend their time.

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Strategy Development

Social Media Marketing

Email Marketing

Paid Ads

Copy Writing

Digital Advertising


Strategy Development

Starting with a strategy is the first step we take to ensure your businesses success.

Developing a structured plan of action, background analysis & touching on what we advise to do with Social Media Marketing, SEO, Paid Ads & Print Marketing.

All of this is done with your company goals, values and target market in mind, building up a game plan to effectively market your product or service.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is the most important platform for any company’s marketing efforts.

Content Creation & Curation

We believe quality content is king, which is why we would create engaging content (graphics, photography and videography) to be used across various platforms to really connect with your audience on a personal level.

Influencer Sourcing & Management

Influencer Marketing is a growing, cost-effective method of Social Media Marketing and can provide you with a high ROI.


SEO is mega. You want to be on the first page of google right? Aim for the top!

You want to be attracting people who perform searches that imply they’re interested in learning about your industry.

ONQOR can maintain and improve your SEO for you – freeing up your time to devote to other important areas of the business.

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Paid Ads

Paid Ads come at a price (literally) – but trust us, a little can go a long way!

You can direct significant amounts of traffic to your website, social profiles, map directions, phone call, specific product, video, blog article…the list is endless.

We ensure you cover important things like Paid Ad Concepts which underpin your Paid Ad Strategy.

CTA’S are also crucial – don’t understand where to place them or what to say? ONQOR has the way.

Search Engine Paid Ads

Social Media Paid Ads



Blog writing is becoming more and more popular to have as a business, it is no longer exclusive to the writer.

Brands now publish blogs to write about their industry and nurture the interest of potential customers who browse the internet for information.

It is a fresh, creative way to educate and inspire you audience – allowing you to connect with them on another level.

What do we write about for ONQOR?

Youtube Advertising

Youtube Advertising allows you to reach potential customers & have them take action when they watch or search for videos on YouTube.

Mastering your YouTube Advertising is hugely meaningful to the success of your business.

YouTube has evolved with the more recent modern digital advances & proves an incredibly valuable marketing medium for brands & businesses.

The key to great YouTube Ads is great video content – that’s why ONQOR sits down with you to plan & develop a strategy first.

Email Marketing

Email remains a key strand of Marketing. It has been around for a long time – don’t forget it’s power!