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A brand is a story that is always being told

- Scott Bedbury

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What is Branding?

It is true, when you build a brand, its branding should always come first thing, it should be telling the world who you are. But branding yet being important visually, is not limited to an image perception it’s also about recognition.

It’s the essence of your brand and it will help your consumers to have a clear vision of what’s behind a name this is why you need to be able to grab someone’s attention as quickly as possible.

Thanks to a good branding, your brand will stand out the competition, it will create a unique perception in your customer’s head by leaving a visual memory and therefore will bring your business to the next level.


In Other Words if You Want to Be a Successful Business, Branding is a Must-Have!


Stats & Facts

Design is Linked to Profit
For every £1 invested in Design, businesses can expect to see over £4 increase in net operating profit

Colour palette impact
A signature colour increases brand recognition by up to 80%

Shared Feeling
A 64% of people cited ‘Shared Value’ as the main reason they have a relationship with brands

Still Confused by the Term Branding?

You don’t really know where to start or what should be included in the creation process in order to make you brand stand out?

Not to worry! We’ve created a glossary to explain all the Branding terminology – It might help you to see clearer and decide want could be the right solution for your brand!

Our Process

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We will get to know your brand a bit more, we will understand your values, talk through your brand’s ethos but also the message you want to communicate.

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Our creative team will then develop creative strategy for your brand which will include your tone of voice, mission statement, the colour palette and also the typography your brand will then use all the time.

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We will start working on the creation of your brand’s logo as well as the additional assets such as graphics or iconography and we will put everything together to create your brand guidelines.

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We will have a final meeting with you explaining our ideas and presenting the final project.

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We commissioned ONQOR to build and design our website. Joe and his team went above and beyond throughout the whole process, meeting regularly to creatively collaborate in order to realise our shared vision. It’s been an incredibly positive experience, learning a lot about website design and SEO along the way. We have already recommended ONQOR to people in our network and would recommend their services to any company looking to build a new website with a high emphasis on SEO.

Nick Forster, Co-Founder - London Filmed

Let Us Help You Increase Your Brand Recognition

Every Brand have a very specific Branding which will be tailored to your very own expectations – Our team will work hard to create magic to answer all your requirements, in order to do that, we need to know more about what you have in mind…

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