Accounts Manager

Lauren Hawkes

We were looking for a Bookkeeper during the 2020 Covid Lockdown. During this time, Lauren lost her previous job, had reached out to someone she knew very well who put her in touch with Joe (a mutual acquaintance, having worked for a company that ran the payroll for ONQOR)…. and here she is! Lauren’s role within the company initially was Accounts Manager.  This has now evolved to include HR, a responsibility that, despite her humour, she takes very seriously!Lauren loves that at ONQOR Group, we actively encourage employees to learn new things on company time. There is such a wealth of knowledge among some young but highly talented, driven and creative individuals, there is always something to learn, even from your colleagues.In Lauren’s eyes, it is the team who make the business. You can start work feeling deflated and that nothing is going your way, a couple of hours later there have been numerous words of encouragement, a funny story or just general appreciation. It’s easy to get back to knowing that you, as an individual, are valued for your input, your time and your knowledge.She believes that ONQOR is a place where you can work amongst friends, pick someone else up, put your heads together and feel like you have achieved something at the end of each day, for this opportunity, she is so grateful.